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The sustainable development goals.


What’s climate change?

what causes climate change?

how do we curb climate change?

today we are going to look at climate change as agenda number 16 of the sustainable development goal of the united nations.The main main goal of this agenda was to slow down and curb the increasing climatic change.The effects are now not a tale to anyone, even a fool can notice the consequences.

From the rain forest of amazon in america in the united states to the escarpments of Himalaya in India all the way to the rice plantation in Pakistan, its striking from all the corners of mother earth. the interesting thing is that the countries who suffer most are the countries which are less involved in the actions that lead to climate change.

lets begin with going to space, this is a commendable job to the first world countries its far off ahead form of technology and it goes on and on as people try to explore the outside planets. but do we know what this means, destroying the ozone layer which protects us from the harmful ultra violent  rays which are dangerous to the skin hence causing cancer . the `piercing’ of the ozone layer causes the UV rays to come in into earth and not bounce back as expected this leads to a lot of heat in earth leading to global warming which will later contribute to climate change.

When we cut down trees without replanting where do we expect to get oxygen from? or we are waiting for the time that we will have used all the free oxygen given to us for free by nature then we shall later depend on technology to create oxygen which we hall use money to buy it .then we shall start saying how nature is unfair while we ourselves were not fair to high time we as individual citizens join the united nations to help save mother nature before it’s too late.

we surly are even getting innocent creatures to our mess,the polar bears the penguins and all the animals living in snowy regions.Due to the high melting of snow they are either drowning to death or being displaced yet we know they cannot survive in other areas apart from ice based areas.this increasing of water levels due to ice melting will lead to cities sinking especially those near big water bodies, mexico being one of them.

As the united nations struggles to fight this monster we as individuals should try to give life back by planting trees, using proper ways of releasing negative chemicals gases to the atmosphere this will help the reduction of global warming.Everyone is responsible for mother nature since we are all a part of this great challenge.

thank you